Friday, August 20, 2010

Just because I heart him, Aaron Kelly...

I went to Idols Live!  Yeah, I know...not really my style, but I actually had the best time.  I watched most of the season via TiVo fast forwarding through the commercials and the less entertaining performances.  I got to go to the pre show meet and greet. I really enjoyed Aaron on American Idol, he was by far my favorite....and it was fun to watch him improve and be more comfortable on stage each week.  I told him at the meet and greet "You're my favorite, but don't tell the others"  yeah, I didn't want to cause a scene lolz.  Anyway, managed to snap this picture of the ever so fast moving line.   What a great smile!  I hope Aaron has a great future post his Idol contract, he is such a talented young man!   Oh, his performance live....FLAWLESS!  Way to go Aaron!

Aarons Fan mail address: P.O Box 129 Muncy Valley, PA 17758 

Twitter @aaronkellyai09


Aaron Kelly @ Arco Arena Sacramento 8-18-2010


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